Monday, July 8, 2013

Locuri de munca pentru elevi si studenti in Bucuresti

Ce poti munci ca elev sau student in Romania? Ce job s-ar potrivi unui tanar student(a) sau absolvent de bacalaureat in Romania 2013.

  1. Joburile in publicitate si marketing direct sunt prima varianta la care ma gandesc, pentru ca o incearca majoritatea tinerilor romani. 
  2. Urmeaza joburi de call center si operator pc la stransa competitie cu joburi in restaurante si terase sau magazine si hipermarketuri
  3. Mai sunt joburi de vanzari de cosmetice si alte produse prin retele tip MLM formate din prieteni si cunostinte, colegi si rude
  4. Dar mai sunt si alte joburi mai interesante si mai educative cum sunt joburile de bone si babysitter sau meditatoare de muzica si desen sau limbi straine si dans.
  5. Pentru pasionati de calculatoare sunt pe piata joburi pentru posturi de tester jocuri si aplicatii mobile sau web, designer, programator, administrator de site, asistent programator, copywriter de articole si poate multe altele.
  6. Ingrijire de animale si ajutor in casa pentru curatenie si intretinere in casa si gradina. Supraveghere copii si casa pentru concedii.
  7. Intuiesc ca ar fi si joburi pentru studenti cu pregatire tehnica in firme de specialitate sau unitati de productie si depozite de marfuri.
  8. ...
Cred ca am mai putea enumera diverse categorii de joburi pentru tineri studenti si elevi in Romania.

In acest sens va invit pe pentru publica sau pentru a cauta un job. Daca aveti idei pe aceasta tema, sau puteti oferi un job potrivit pentru tineri, sau sunteti in cautare de job, sau chiar ati gasit jobul ideal pentru studenti sau elevi, va invit sa comentati si sa construim impreuna un loc de intalnire pentru acest segment de varsta si aceste tipuri de joburi.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to avoid infection with searchqu toolbar and prevent change of your default search setting?

As I write this, I am looking at a "Notification" window from the Searchqu Toolbar, that looks like this:

when you click the ballon you get:

Searchqu Toolbar Notification about detection of an attempt to change your default searchsetting
Searchqu Toolbar Notification
The full text of the searchqu notification message is:

Searchqu Toolbar has detected an attempt to change your default search setting.
The default search setting applies to searches made via your browser.
What would you like to do?
  • Keep my current default search setting
  • Disable default search protection and replace my default search with (6A1806CD-94D4-4689Searchqu Toolbar option disable search protection chinese)

If you click settings, you get this window:

Searchqu Toolbar Settings Window Option to enable searchqu toolbar default search protection
Searchqu Toolbar Settings
The full text of the Searchqu Toolbar Settings dialog window is:
Searchqu Toolbar SettingsSearchqu Toolbar protects your default search setting from being automatically changed by different applications
Checkbox: Enable Searchqu Toolbar default search protection
I did not know what this was at first, but now, after a few searches, I know that the Searchqu Toolbar is a sort of malware/adware browser hijacker that takes over your browser default search engine settings and uses the searchnu search engine instead.

I am still looking at the notification and it is very clear that whatever I choose, I am very likely to get infected.
I searched for ways to prevent or avoid the toolbar from even installing, but I only found ways to uninstall the toolbar.

There are a lot of articles and tutorials on the web about how to uninstall the searchqu toolbar and I don't really know which one to follow or to trust. Excuse me for being paranoid with the virus half way in my system, but out there it looks like an industry of tutorials and how to's for removing searchnu, which makes me suspect that they are in it somehow. They might be in it for the benefits of traffic I guess, as I am also using this article to attract some traffic. And maybe some are just helping and some are just riding this wave of searches for other marketing purposes and why not, even other scams.

After understanding that I have to remove the application form Windows via the control panel, I checked to see if the toolbar is already installed in program files. Although I haven't yet clicked on OK or X the Searchqu Toolbar is already listed in programs and I can uninstall it. The default browser, Google Chrome, has apparently not been affected, yet, while Firefox is definetly already infected and loading

I have yet to check the windows registry with regedit but since one browser is compromised, I am pretty sure it is too late to prevent getting the searchqu/searchnu 'virus'.

I am wondering though, how, why and when did it happen. When the notification appeard I was working on a laptop that I dont use very often, on which is running Windows 7, with protection form Microsoft Security Essentials active but to my disappointment not updated (now running a quickscan).

I was involved in a few activities using the following programs on Windows 7:

  • Editing pages online on a Wordpress blog with the theme Tungstenation installed using Google Chrome
  • Editing files via FTP using Notepad++
  • Copying tungstenation.pot file  via FTP using Total Commander
  • Editing tungstenation.pot file with Poedit (that had just updated)
Now that i had a better look at the programs installed i see that the toolbar was installed since 11.11.2012?!.

If there is any way to prevent this form happening pleas comment and leave a useful message for others to find.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to link image to pdf file in Drupal 7 using fields and views

I recently had a request from a client regarding the display, structure and behaviour of their webpage. Euro Issa is a company in Bucharest that supplies steel drill bits, metal cutter tips, tools and equipment for metal fabrication. They want to have a page with an overview of product categories, displayed in a grid with three columns, where each category has title and thumbnail image with rounded colored borders linked to a pdf file.

To do this, I set up a content type like "Category Datasheet" with the fields: title, image field, file field and term reference as category field. I also created a new taxonomy vocabulary for the node type so that i could filter them later in views.

At this point I also started to wonder how I would later link the image with the pdf file attached to a node of type category datasheet. In Structure / Views I created a view and followed the drupal 'wizard' steps deciding what type of nodes to show and in which structure and style to display them.

After some research into how to link an image to an attached file I installed a few pairs of modules which did not solve the linking of the fields image and file. Link formatter, PDF Preview etc.

The rewriting options of each field selected in the view, allow you to output the image as a link to the pdf file, using pattern replacements form other fields of the filtered node. You can then easily choose from each field settings in views, whether or not to display them. In my case I only left the title and the image with an added CSS class for borders visible, excluding from the display the pdf file field and term reference category field and just using their data/url to rewrite the output of the visible fields.

If this helps you, feel free to donate and help by visiting some of the businesses on the right. There are more details to getting this to work and settings to take into account but I hope I will find the time to update this post.

"Please stop hotlinking my easing script - Start using a real CDN" Warning

One of my clients has a website for his car coating business in Bucharest, running on WordPress with Clockstone theme installed. The theme is using the slider plugin  Accordion slider that in turn uses a javascript function for easing. The author of the script, as I found out on this zen cart forum thread, is getting a lot of traffic and complaints from his hosting service, and he decided to make a pop-up appear on any page using the script remotely, that looks like this:

Please stop hotlinking my easing script — use a real CDN instead. Many thanks
Please stop hotlinking my easing script — use a real CDN instead. Many thanks

To solve this issue, one has to first download the jquery easing script (choose same version as one used currently remote ) and place it in the js folder of the plugin, in this case:
Next, the reference for this script must be changed, so that it's no longer called in the header directly from:
instead you should have it load from your server:
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
 To do this, first locate which file loads the remote script. In my case the call was being made from the file:
in the first lines, I changed:
wp_register_script( 'jquery_easing', ''); 
wp_register_script( 'jquery_easing', WP_ACCORDION_URL.'/js/jquery.easing.1.3.js'); 
 I noticed afterwards that the jquery.easing.1.3.js was already provided, although not in the minified version, but the reference was not updated. I presume this would have been the responsibility of the theme or plugin developers.

Feel free to donate by visiting our sponsors on the right ;) and I hope this helps you get rid of the warning "Please stop hotlinking my easing script - use a real CDN instead".